About Us

Big Media is the company of outdoors advertising products and we exist to give prominence to your brand in outdoors spaces. We sell outdoor, carefully placed, based on an in-depth knowledge of Angolan geography and population, so our customers can benefit from all the advantages of these advertising spaces.

Our network reaches national coverage, with formats in all provinces of Angola, enabling our customers a very complete territorial communication, through an excellent geographic distribution, both in highly populated and lower population density areas but with high impact in qualitative terms.

Big Media was founded in 2004, given the existing need in Angola to communicate brands and events outdoors. From day one, Big Media has been experiencing a progressive growth, sustained by increasing the number of employees and constantly evolve in technology.

We have expanded our outdoors network beyond Luanda, and it is now present throughout the country in various types of formats, permitting to offer our customers the most diverse communication solutions and ensure the best results. We are undoubtedly the best solution for the return on investment.

With about 2,500 structures spread over Angola, Big Media has the largest number of outdoor’s products in the country. Since the traditional billboard to lampoles, triedos, scrollers, mupies and bridges, we have all formats suitable for your locations. Before our products are implemented, all pieces and potential locations have a previous study, according to the laws of our country. The impression insure the highest quality, UV guarantee. We are now able to place any country wide campaign within 2 or 3 days.

We are proud to have among our clients major players of the Angolan market, from all business sectors.

We are the BIG communication solution!


Maintain a level of excellence in knowledge of Angolan territory and population to ensure the best and most appropriate land cover geographic distribution of our media in order to reach the contact of all Angolans and give greater prominence to our customers.

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Maximizing Coverage

We locate our products in order to guarantee maximum exposure.

Maximizing the Impact

Our network allows to replicate the impact in different geographic areas and to capture a high number of contacts in each space.

Maximizing Exposure

Most of our products are illuminated, allowing campaigns’ visibility 24h per day, 365 days per year.


Outdoor advertising is a highly efficient vehicle, efficiency reflected in our customers satisfaction.

Low Cost

Comparing to other advertising means and taking into account the number of views and the ROI reached by each of our formats, this is a low budget option.


Our geographical distribution may direct any campaign to specific targets.


Our products, specially bilboards, are a great option to innovative and creative campaigns.