Check the map with all our locations in Angola!

Check the map with all our locations in Angola

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Its big dimension and its buildings' location guarantee great visibility and a great...

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Billboard Landscape

This allows outdoor report any brand or event with great impact. Given its large size

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With the size of an A3, this product is placed in Belas Shopping, located at key...

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Big Media - Creative Solutions

Outdoor advertising enables brands and events’ notoriety and increases products and services sales. Big Media, based on a deep knowledge of the Angolan  territory and its population segments, offers to the market many outdoors advertising products, from traditional bilboards to new street furniture, like frames available in shopping areas.

All our products are excellent to advertise creative, innovative and integrated campaigns, through the use of different formats within several geographical areas. We accept and are able to place different formats’ campaigns, that go beyond the physical outdoor space (like pop up formats), increasing their impact mainly by originality.

Our relevant and diversified offer and its geographical distribution also allows accurate targeting. Surely, any campaign can be well targeted through the right selection of our products, formats and locations.